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yomirisu online Vol.3 Until the next issue of "yomirisu" is made

April 25, 2020

yomirisu online Vol.3 『yomirisu』次号ができるまで
Vol.6 of the booklet "yomisirisu" distributed by Walnut Kyoto & Tokyo is currently in production.

The special feature of the next issue is "Knit Care".
Tokuko-san and Meri-san asked me about their usual maintenance.
We will introduce how to do laundry, recommended detergents, etc. by shooting at amirisu's office!

All the production staff of "yomisirisu"
I work with magazines and books.
Recently, people are asking people to move away from paper and books, but we still like paper! I love books!

I'm very happy to be serialized on the web and read it widely, but there is a different joy in books.
Even if it takes time and effort, one page at a time, let your thoughts go,
It's already fun to shape it with my work colleagues!

As for how to make it, the first step is planning.
I have something to tell you,
Bookmaking begins.
What message do you want to convey, and what kind of person do you want to read it?
What would you like to read during this time?
It's a great feeling when you stock up on things that you usually think are good in your mind and get stuck in a project!
I'm sure any kind of work would be the same here.

Once the plan is decided, think about how it will develop.
Draw a picture with henna chocolate, put it into words, show a picture...
It is also an important job to tell everyone so that the image can be shared.

Then, according to the plan, we interviewed and photographed,
Create a sentence, design, and the page will be completed.

It's not fun even if it's just the way I imagined it.
The light that came in by chance when shooting...
My heart beats wildly when various powers work together to create something beyond my imagination!
I think that I continue to make books because I want to experience this excitement, this moment.

Well, I'll report back here when "yomirisu" Vol.6 is finished!
The next cover is my favorite sweets,
Oh, I'm looking forward to shooting now!

Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
"yomirisu" Vol.6 is in production!

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