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yomirisu online Vol.5 book cover challenge

May 08, 2020

yomirisu online Vol.5ブックカバーチャレンジ
Following the cookbook relay introduced in Vol.1, a 7-day book cover challenge has been held.
A baton relay that introduces one favorite book per day for 7 days on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Invite a friend each time.
Don't explain about the book, upload the cover image.
That's the rule.

Passing the baton to one person a day,
Furthermore, if those people turn around, the number of participants will increase quickly ...
Before you know it, there are many people around you who are taking on challenges.
Of course, the books I introduce and the way I shoot the books are different, but there are those who don't pass the baton, and those who give 7 books at once...
Each way to break the rules,
I think it's interesting because it shows your personality and style.

Honestly, it's hard to introduce 7 books.
Pull out the bookshelf, arrange them, select them, and shoot them.
How many times have you asked yourself, "Is this the final answer?"
Still, I decided to give it a try because I found many books that I wanted to read by looking at the books introduced by the participants.
If you choose by yourself, you can't go beyond your own frame.
Ah, I guess I was choosing within a narrow genre.
Seeing that person's book and wanting to read it is swollen!
Thanks to the Book Challenge, I was stuck at home and my world expanded, and I was dying to go to the bookstore.

I received the baton handed to me by a book-loving editor with the feeling that I would be able to give back a little something that made me excited.

More than introducing the book, I enjoyed thinking about who to pass the baton to.
At times like this, I asked, "How are you doing? How are you doing?"

The seven people who passed the baton were a book writer, a general store owner, a garden designer, a planner of a woodcut studio,
Chef, architect, herbal coordinator.
what book are you reading
I wanted to find a book I wanted to read, so I asked for it.
I am deeply grateful that all seven of us have received the baton.

Whether it's books, delicious food, travel, or music, it's best to ask someone you trust.
I'm just happy to see various people's bookshelves.
Please follow the hashtags on Instagram.

Like the seeds of a dandelion, I hope they will float in someone's heart and make them bloom.

Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
"yomirisu" Vol.6 is in production!
Here is my first book challenge.

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