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yomirisu online vol.8 Even if it becomes a new normal

June 05, 2020

yomirisu online vol.8 新しい日常になっても
In June, the world gradually started to move.
When I meet my co-workers for the first time in a long time, I always talk about the past and the future.

I can't stay too long, so it's just a short time.
Talk a little deeper than usual.
It seems like I can't say enough, it's hard to leave,
When we parted, I felt like we both felt that way, and that time became very dear to me.
If the world starts to move in earnest, these feelings may be drowned out, but I don't want to forget what I felt and noticed at this time.
Because I feel that there is something very important, an answer, there.

By the way, when I started this series, I started producing
yomirisu Vol.6 is ready!
The special feature is the care of hand-knitted knits by amirisu Tokuko & Meri.
The cover is a donut from my favorite shop " Kew "!
The article at the end of the book introduces the shop.

I want to cherish what I love.
I put that feeling into this issue.

I can't see my family and friends who live far away because I'm stuck at home.
While we can't come and go freely,
I'm sure there were a lot of people who realized what they really like and what is important.

Mr. Kenta Oki from Kew, before starting the shop,
I met him at Rokko "MORIS", a store that sells utensils and tools for daily life.
Kyoko Moriwaki, the owner of "MORIS", liked Mr. Oki's sweets and sometimes asked him to make cheesecakes and donuts.
I still remember the surprise of eating cheesecake for the first time.
It was so soft that it almost collapsed, and my heart throbbed.
Mr. Oki worked at a pastry shop in the UK "St. John".
Originally a photographer, he had no experience working at a restaurant,
He just liked the atmosphere of the shop, so he decided to put it in the pastry, which happened to be understaffed.
On the first day, I was asked if I would like to try this cheesecake.
I was deeply moved by its deliciousness, and decided to definitely remember this one.
I didn't like sweets, but life is interesting.
After returning to Japan, based on the recipe of “St.

Then, last year, he opened “Kew” in Ryoanji, Kyoto.
In May, the store became wider as the property next door became vacant.
The best part was that the open kitchen became a dedicated kitchen space,
With the addition of one more staff member, Mr. Oki is now able to concentrate on making sweets.

Under these circumstances, we will only be open for takeout for the time being, but if you stop by during this time, please share the prototype sweets with us.
Speaking of that happy smile!
Let's try that sake for fragrance, change the dough a little more...
I could feel the exhilaration from the crumpled smile, and I got a lot of energy.

The Bakewell tart I received at this time is a traditional British sweet.
From this week, we are joining the takeaway menu.
The rhubarb and berry jam blends into the dough and is delicious.
There is a British-like product, simple and luxurious.
Every time I eat a bite, I feel happy.

It can be tough sometimes, but if you have something you love in your heart, you'll be fine.
Just like Mr. Oki, I think so even when I see people who are working hard to continue the store.
If you pursue what you think is good, there will surely be people who will sympathize with you.
A new daily life, a new era, together with your favorite things and important things.

Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.

"yomirisu" Vol.6 is done!
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