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Yarn On The House recommended pattern

January 28, 2016

Here are some recommended patterns that are perfect for YOTH yarn, found by running around Ravelry. There are many, so today I will start with FATHER .

First, a free pattern from YOTH, Father Cables .
It's easy, so I'd like you to try it. For those who have already purchased FATHER, we will share it as soon as it is released.

This pattern is also perfect for the atmosphere of the thread. Holt by Alicia Plummer. It seems to match any clothes and can be used for unisex.

For hats, for example, pop things like this. Big Herringbone Hat is knitted with two colors of Aran yarn. If you knit with YOTH yarn, you can make something even more chic.

And if it's a cowl, how about something like this? Diana Walla's Pine Bough Cowl. Cute simple pattern. If you knit it with a firm FATHER, it will look even more beautiful with a sense of volume.

Also, something as simple as the Classic Cowl will make the most of the characteristics of the thread. Also great as a gift for men. From now on, it may be in time for Valentine's day.

A simple sweater like this is recommended.
Free pattern from Purl Bee, Sweatshirt Sweater . FATHER is a fairly strong thread, so if the gauge is too large, try knitting one size smaller.

And for those of you who bought Carrie Hoge's Swoon Maine pattern book, this Lighthouse Pullover sweater looks great to knit with FATHER.
The designated thread is Lark from Quince, but I was looking for a good thread because the chic color was out of stock at the manufacturer.

Tomorrow we will introduce the BIG SISTER pattern!

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