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Tokyo Store WS Report-Spring Temari Shawl Pin WS-

April 05, 2018


It's been two months since the Tokyo store moved. As the shop has expanded, we invite teachers from outside to hold various workshops.
This time , it is a report of the shawl pin WS by TEMARICIOUS that was held the other day.

First, choose your favorite color from among many colored threads.
Then, the rice husk is wrapped in paper to make a core, and the thread is wound. Round and round, and it's gradually taking shape!
When I asked the participants, they told me that they could make a beautiful circle without even thinking about it.

Make several pieces of various colors and sizes, and attach pins to the metal fittings of the shawl. Here is your finished product! Perfect for your clothes!

Many of you finished early and made the next work.
Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to make more and more!

In this workshop , TEMARICIOUS used threads that were carefully dyed with plants collected in the suburbs of Tokyo. All nice colors! TEMARICIOUS threads will be available for purchase at the hand-dyed artist's pop-up event held at the Tokyo store on May 26th.

Learn more about pop-up events here .

At the Tokyo store, we are planning to invite teachers from outside and hold various workshops this month as well!
We still have openings, so if you are interested, please visit our online shop . You'll have a great time chatting and creating a beautiful piece of art.

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