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what are you knitting now? ~ SKRATSTILLET knitted with WOOLFOLK TOV ~

February 22, 2022


Tokuko, who is busy with "work knitting" every day, has knitted a work for herself for the first time in almost a year!

Skratstillet designed by Natalya Sinelshchikova who is familiar with amirisu magazine. The crisp pattern is stylish and gives a sophisticated impression. Knit with Woolfolk's TOV .

The reason why I decided to knit this is because I've grown tired of putting up with itchy clothes. I want to wear something that feels good on my skin. If it…

"Luxury yarn, WOOLFOLK is the best choice!"

It seems that it has become.

And since there aren't many samples using TOV in the store, if you knit it, it might be an advertisement. and. As expected of a manager, his thought process is properly (?) based on business.

That aside, TOV is a really feel-good thread. Patagonia's highest grade wool is used, and it is dusty and elastic. Even if you say that you bought it at a department store, it gives off a sense of luxury that everyone will believe.

However, the pattern is very difficult.
Because it's very high gauge.

The thickness of the TOV is Aran Weight, and if you check the Ravelry thread page , the appropriate gauge is 14 to 16. However, this pattern has a gauge of 25. It means that you have to knit quite tightly.

This sweater is characterized by a sharp pattern created by twisting. The non-patterned part is lined, and the texture is very smooth.

According to Ms. Tokuko, in order to make the pattern look crisp and to have a nice feel to the back knitting part, it must be a high gauge.

"As a designer, I understand how you feel!" Knitting for a long time hurts my hands, so I adjusted the knitting time and completed it in about a month.

I was planning to make it a turtleneck, but when I tried knitting it, my face was buried, and it became too much of a snow country specification, so I canceled it. I gave priority to fashion and made it a crew neck.

Also, all Wookfolk patterns are large in size, so be careful when choosing a size. Please check the size list carefully.

And the recommended thread is TOV!
"If you knit with other threads, you won't get this tight feeling! I would like to introduce an alternative thread, but if you want to knit, please use TOV."

If you have tight hands, why not try knitting?


Color: T01

Needles used: US5 (Lower than specified. All ribs are also US5.)

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