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Wanderlust Linen Released!

May 02, 2017

Wanderlust Linenリリース!

Amirisu's original linen thread, Wanderlust Linen , was launched on April 28th.
Have you checked it yet?

There have been original goods etc. so far, but it is the first time to make threads.
Since I am a yarn shop, I have picked up a wide variety of colorful yarns, but I didn't have enough linen yarn that I wanted to knit in the spring and summer, so I decided to make my own.

If you're a fan of yarn, you'll notice that it's very similar to the Shibuya Linen from Shibuya Knit.
Well, if you say sadness when Shibuya Linen is discontinued!
It's chain-shaped, so it's finished lightly, and it was one of the few knitting yarns that could be worn in Japan's humid midsummer...

Discontinued Shibuya Linen. We still have a few in stock.

So I decided to use a chain-like linen thread as an homage to Shibuya Linen.
Wanderlust Linen is soft and not crisp.
Although it is chain-shaped, it boasts that it is difficult to get caught on needles. It is easy to knit.

I was also particular about the color. Six bright colors that shine in the summer light.
Search for shades that make Japanese skin look beautiful.
I was particular about red. It has become a bright and cute red that shines in the summer light.
Then dark blue. It is not too dark, not too white, and finished in a luxurious navy blue color.
In addition, I made it a color that fits nicely when using two colors.

It's a bright red color It's cute even as a boarder

The price is 1400 Yen (excluding tax).
Importing linen thread inevitably makes it more expensive due to tariffs and other factors.
I think that it was possible to realize an affordable price because it is domestic.
It's easy to buy even if you wear it. That makes me very happy.

Finally, there is one real difficulty.
Dust easily comes out. Please be careful when winding the thread.
It's okay if you run water after completion. It also removes dust and leaves a soft finish.

At the same time as the release, we also sold the original kit.
Designed by amirisu staff.
Actually, I ordered the design on a fairly tight schedule, but everyone cleared it!
The ease of knitting Wanderlust Linen has been proven (thanks for your hard work~).

At the Kyoto store, samples of the kit will be on display until the middle of May 6th (Sat).
At the Tokyo store, it will be exhibited on May 18th (Thursday), 20th (Saturday), and 21st (Sunday).
You can try it on.

Wanderlust means "travel fever".
I put the feeling that I would like to go on a trip wearing something knitted, or with knitting as an accompaniment.
The name of the color is the name of the land I want to go to.
And the names of the kits are borrowed from Magellan , Lindbergh , Amelia and the names of great adventurers.

I hope it will become a long and reliable thread that is loved by everyone and can go far together.
Please feel free to try!

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