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Crochet workshop @Walnut Kyoto

February 06, 2016


The Natural Wool Fair that I showed you the other day.
Elsa Cormo Sport, which was one of the featured products, was sold out on the same day at the online shop and the Kyoto store. I'm sorry... we're surprised too. We have some stock in our Tokyo store, so please come and visit us.

Amirisu has started handling YOTH YARN, collected a lot of natural wool for the first time, and has been doing new things since the new year, but I will continue to start one more.

A crochet workshop will be held at the WALNUT Kyoto store.
For some reason, "amirisu is a stick needle", and it seems that amirisu = stick needle is a strong image, but of course you can also crochet. Crochet, which is often requested for lesson inquiries. We will be holding a workshop every month from this month.

Crochet workshop @WALNUT Kyoto

Accessorize with Jamieson's Spindrift, a colorful Shetland yarn. Crochet beginners are also welcome.

When crocheting, the color matching determines the cuteness.
We will also consult on color matching. Let's knit cute and useful items together!

《Things to Knit》
Beginners: Accessories made with circle motifs Intermediate users: Accessories made with flower motifs

Items such as brooches and earrings can be freely selected.

《Date and Time》
2/20 (Sat) 14:00-16:00
6 people


Youko Kanemitsu

Fee 2,160 yen (tax included)
Comes with one drink.
Material cost is separate. (Jamieson's Spindrift 500 yen (tax excluded) per ball. Please choose your favorite color and number on the day. Others include metal fittings)

Crochet Hook No. 2 (If you don't have one, you can purchase one at the shop on the day.)
Binding needle JP7-8 (Used for flower motifs. The shorter one is easier to use. If you don't have one, we can lend it to you.)

Please purchase from the online shop .

The crochet workshop will be held every month from this month.
I would like to improve the power while listening to everyone's wishes.
We look forward to your participation!

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