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Business trip WALNUT opens at Shoan Bunko

November 04, 2014

In December when the north wind feels cold, yes, the perfect season for knitting has arrived.
Why don't you make warm and cute mittens and cowls using wonderful wool from overseas?
Both works have thick threads, so you can knit smoothly. For those who wish, lessons in English patterns are also possible.

We will also do lessons that don't use the kit together. If you have something at home that you don't understand and can't move on to, please bring it with you.

Also, a business trip yarn shop will be held next to WS! We will bring you a variety of yarns that you can hardly see in Japan. Please come and visit us at this opportunity.

Date: Saturday, December 13th
● <Business trip wool shop> 13:30-16:00 <WS> 14:00-16:00
●Location: Shoan Bunko 2nd Floor Rental Space B (3-12-22 Shoan, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0054)

●WS Participation Details (The seats are full. Thank you!)
・WS participation fee:
When using the kit 5,400 yen (with coffee and tea confectionery)
Course only 3,500 yen (with coffee and refreshments)
・Capacity: 6 people ・Skill level: Those who can knit knitting ・What to bring

  1. When using the kit: Needle, US 10½ size (6.5mm) 60cm to 80cm circular needle or short needle set, writing utensil. For circular needles, the cord must be of the soft type. If it is the number of Japan, it will be 14 or 15. If you don't have it, we will sell it for 1,110 yen on the day. Please let us know by email.
  2. For the class: Please bring a knitting thing and tools so that you can knit for 2 hours.

・Application: Please contact with the subject "Shoan Bunko WS Participation Request", your name, phone number, number of participants, and if you want to use the kit, choose cowl or mitten.

Note: Due to the preparation of materials, please cancel at least 3 days in advance. Please note that after that, a full cancellation fee will be charged.
*You can choose the color of the kit on the day. Please note that it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
*For the kit course, it is not possible to knit everything within the time of the WS. On the day, I will follow up so that you can knit it to the end by yourself.
*Please feel free to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions about materials.

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