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Recommended patterns for Viola Sock

September 25, 2019

Viola Sockのおすすめパターン

Viola 's Sock Yarn . It sold out quickly before, so I think there are many people who haven't got it.
We have finally received it again, so this time we will introduce the pattern that matches the characteristics of the thread.

The yarn is a typical distribution of 75% preshrunk wool and 25% nylon, but with a soft, loose base.
It's perfect for gentle atmosphere wear, shawls, and of course socks.
Also, as a feature of this manufacturer, the owner Emily chooses the color. This time, I think that autumn-like colors are complete. Viola is beautiful with subtle pale colors. I look forward to opening the box each time.

Well, let's go to the pattern introduction! First of all, I think it's a little difficult to knit, but I knit this with yarn that I had dyed at the sock club that I used to sell, so I'll introduce it.

Avion by Katrin Schneider

This design is actually easier to knit with thread that has a little tension, but the color is nice, so I worked hard until the end. It is very useful as an autumn haori. We don't sell it as a kit, but if you buy the thread at the store, we will send you a Japanese translated pattern!

Plain Vanilla Socks by Hiromi Nagasawa

Hiromi's popular pattern. US 00 - Socks knit tightly with 1.75 mm ultra-fine needles. A Japanese version was also released! Of course it's nice to knit with Viola.

Emily's Favorite Socks by Emily Foden

Sock pattern written by Viola owner Emily. Here I am knitting. It is written so that various arrangements can be made. It's a little loose, so I think you can adjust it with the needle size.

Henslowe by Beth Kling

A shawl that can be knitted in one skein. I think the delicate lace pattern matches the atmosphere of Viola's shades. A small shawl is perfect for autumn.

Tegna by Caitlin Hunter

Lastly, everyone loves Caitlin! I was wondering when I would wear a short-sleeved sweater, but it seems that winter in Tokyo is quite hot, so I wear a down jacket when I walk outside and short-sleeved clothes indoors. If you live in a hot city, please do.
Japanese translated patterns are also available for purchase at the store.

I introduced a lot of things from socks to clothing, but anyway, it's a cute thread with a calm color. Please take a look at it once.
Click here for shopping.

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