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what are you knitting now? 〜BALLOON CARDIGAN knitted by TREK and LICHEN&LACE MARSH MOHAIR〜

March 05, 2022


Have you ever wanted to name your favorite knitwear?
It's no surprise that you become so attached to it that you want to give it a name because you carefully select the thread and spend a lot of time and effort to make it your own.

So, today I would like to introduce you to Mofumofu Monet.

The staff who knit this loves Claude Monet. There are many paintings of water lilies that Monet drew, but it seems that there are pink and purple water lilies blooming in a dark green landscape like this cardigan. It is said that it was named "Mofumofu Monet" because it is very similar to that. cute!

I used amirisu trek and Lichen & Lace Marsh Mohair (sorry, sold out).

Trek was hand-dyed, and it seems that it was a skein with a lot of color unevenness. There are times when you can make good use of the unevenness that is unique to hand dyeing, but there are times when it is difficult to use because it bothers you.

The staff then came up with the idea of ​​combining it with colorful mohair. By doing so, you can make the unevenness less noticeable and blend in. I thought, and as a result, it was finished as expected!

And the combination of Trek and mohair was a big hit not only in terms of color but also in terms of knitted fabric.
Thanks to the firmness of the Trek, it does not stretch out even when it is drained, and the difficulty of knitting mohair has been reduced.

The pattern is Petiteknits' Balloon Cardigan .

The puffy sleeves are a cute pattern, but we focused on ease of use so that they wouldn't rub off while working on the computer, so we reduced the volume of the balloon sleeves by gradually reducing the number of eyes.

Cropped length about 10cm shorter than specified. Along with that, the position of the button is raised overall.
If the position of the first button is as per the pattern, the collar will be completely open. To wear it as an outerwear in spring, it would be more convenient if the collar was a little tighter (you can wear it without choosing clothes inside!), and it has a very good balance.

This is what the back looks like.

The staff who always wear short tops nicely. I think it's amazing that you can arrange and create something that suits you perfectly.
Mofumofu Monet should also be heavily rotated in spring.

The caveat is that the pattern isn't very friendly. It seems that it is written assuming that the knitter has a certain level of knowledge and experience, so please be careful if you are a beginner.

By the way, this pattern also has a sweater version . This is also cute, so please take a look.

Detailed Threads: amirisu Trek, Lichen & Lace Marsh Mohair
Color: Christmas Tree, Wild Flower
Needle: US5 (designated US6)
Size: XS

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