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With Trek?

September 05, 2020


This is Tokuko in charge of design. During the process of making the Trek, I tried various materials and twists, but when I knitted the current one, I thought, "I've finally made it!" I think it was difficult to bring out this feeling of knitting, texture, and refreshing feeling.

"Fresh feeling", have you ever tasted this feeling with wool?
If the twist is tighter, the thread itself becomes rounder, but I think that the roundness reduces the area that touches the skin, and as a result, it leads to a refreshing feeling.
Refreshing with wool! It's kind of a strange feeling, but I hope everyone will experience it.

And the tightness of the twist affects the knitting comfort, knitted fabric, and design in various ways.
The thread stretches like a spring, so it feels great to knit. What is comfortable knitting? Everyone who thinks. Please try it once! Knitting is important.
However, if you knit comfortably, most people will probably find it harder to knit than gauge, so please be aware of that. It will be a piece that is too small to wear.

Next is the knitted fabric. Parade is the same, but Trek is also eye-catching. You did it! Don't be afraid of the knitted desert. Go ahead and adopt Trek.
Also, the thread is solid, so it should be easy for beginners to knit. The drape is difficult to come out on the contrary. And highly recommended for socks!

Design at the end. If the twist is tight, the pattern is clear. You can enjoy the colorful rope braid pattern, and the pattern only on the front and back should come out beautifully.

For the first time, we have prepared various kits, but we would like to introduce more good ones from time to time.
Amirisu's proud thread, Trek, please try it once.

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