August 14, 2018

Information on Stephen West Fair @ Tokyo

Stephen West フェア@東京店のご案内

Is there a designer you check first when deciding on a new project?
A favorite designer who matches the sensibility of color matching and design and serves as a role model.
When you check out Ravelry by arranging it by designer, you may discover things like, "He's also designed something like this!" or "I want to imitate this color combination!"

From August to December, amirisu's fair changed its taste,
Each month, we hold a fair featuring a designer.
I think it will be an opportunity to get a lot of samples together and get in touch with her/their view of the world.

So, the August fair is the Stephen West fair!
It goes without saying that Stephen is a popular designer.
Please come and see Stephen's colorful and original designs that match the August sunshine.

Address: Casa Aoyama 102, 3-15-4 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6427-2997
* This time it will be held only at the Tokyo store.

・Date and time
8/24 (Fri) - 9/1 (Sat) 11:00-18:00
*Business hours are 13:00-20:00 only on Fridays.
※We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. please note.

・Sales of content sample display kits

I would like you to experience Stephen West's unique worldview and creations, but surprisingly (?) his designs can be used in your everyday wardrobe.
The samples on display are available for you to try on, so I hope you enjoy that as well.

We are looking forward to your visit.