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what are you knitting now? ~Gr8 Gingham Raglan knitting with Spincycle~

December 08, 2022

今何編んでる? 〜Spincycleで編むGr8 Gingham Raglan〜

Knitting introduction of the staff. This time, I, Tokuko, will introduce what I knit by myself.

I always knit something for summer vacation knitting, but this year I chose Gr8 Gingham Raglan, which I have been eyeing for a long time.
Cute from the moment I saw the picture! I thought, and as a designer, I was curious as to how such a large figure was incorporated into the pattern. It's an occupational disease with a bit of a point of view.

Since it's knitted, I need two types of Sport weight yarn, but I can't remove Spincycle's Dyed in the Wool , so I'll start with what I have in stock at the store, and then my partner's good solid color yarn. When I wondered if there was any possibility, Ulysse from De Rerum Natura was perfect, so I secured the thread safely and had fun knitting.

I think the problem with this work is the super mini length, but it's not cute unless it's short. I think it's okay to choose the color of the thread based on the assumption that you'll wear it over a dress you have on hand. Also, if you wear clothes that you can see underneath like I do, you'll be fine! I can't show you my belly. . .

Finally, I will teach you how to fit the neck that everyone is worried about. If you knit according to the pattern, the neck will be high neck and the edge of knitting only with MC will be floating, and it will not look nice. Many people on Ravelry seem to be having trouble.
I quit the last pattern 2 repeats early, and knitted the elastic knitting with one MC, while reducing the stitches evenly by about 1/3 in the first row. This will make your neck tighter and look better. Please try it.

Next is New Year's knitting. I already have my eye on it!

Usage Pattern: Gr8 Gingham Raglan
Details Yarns: Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool and De Rerum Natura Ulysse
Color: Deep Bump, I forgot Ulysse, but it's blue.
Size: S

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