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Snefnug recommended pattern introduction

October 10, 2018


I got new yarn from CaMaRose. Soft and light thread made of alpaca, cotton and wool.
The knitted texture is fluffy like mohair, and even if you knit a large item, it does not feel heavy. Because the thread is soft, the width of the gauge is large. The needle will change quite a bit, so please change it and try it.
Let the introductions begin!

Carbeth Swan Dance by Kate Davies

Actually, it is a sweater that is knitted with two strands, but the gauge comes out with one strand. It's bottom up. I think this fluffy feeling can be realized! From 7 balls.

Hikari by Ysolda Teague

Although it doesn't feel as fragile as it is, I think it will produce a warm enough cowl. It looks good as a present. 3 balls are used.

Blanket Fort by Sylvia McFadden

You can't tell from the picture, but this one is square. It has a light and light finish, so it can be used at home, as well as by wrapping it around your neck as if it were a coat. 9 balls used.

Quadrangle Wrap by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

This is also a type that wraps around the body called wrap. I think you can wear it like a light coat. It uses two strands of mohair and tweed threads, but Snefnug gives you the same feeling with just one strand! There are 3 sizes, 10, 13, and 16 balls are used.

And of course, the original pattern Cherbourg ! I thought that it would be easy for everyone to wear a coat type if the length and sleeve length could be freely decided from the top down, so I thought about the knitting method. This shape is trending this year. Kit is on sale.

How was Snefnug? The best feature is that it is fluffy even without mohair. If you want to knit something like mohair, but think that the hurdles are high, please try it.
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