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Skew KAL Q&A - Part 2

February 24, 2023

Skew KAL質問回答 〜2回目

Thank you for participating in Skew KAL.

Second question and answer!
This time we received a lot of questions about the final lay down. I hope this answer helps you clear your doubts.

Question 1: About lying down
What should I do with the p1,k2 ribbed BO?
Please let me know if there is a recommended method for ribbed BO.
I'm planning to use JSSBO to hold down the ribs at the opening, but is there any other way?

Since there is no particular specification for the pattern, I think that I was troubled.
It's okay to do normal face down while knitting. If you're worried about it getting tighter, it's a good idea to raise the number of needles by 2 or 3 and lie down.

If it's still tight, try Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It can also be used with irregular ribs by inserting the eyes between the eyes.
If you search for Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, you will find many tutorial videos, so please check them out.

This is the Skew knitted by our staff.

This is a normal backstop.

These two are using Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. If you lie down loosely, it will look like the sock on the right side.

The last one is the one with the second rubber weave.
The pattern is p1, k2 ribs, but it has been arranged into p2, k2 ribs.

Do it any way you like.

Question 2: I can't do knitting well. Is it okay to pull out a crochet hook?

If you use a pull-out hem, the hem will be loose and the knitted fabric will be neatly connected and will not be visible.
If there is no problem, you can use a pull-out hem, but the point of Skew is the interesting pattern on the heel, so the knitted hem is recommended.

Understanding the structure is the best way to master knitting.
I recommend taking the plunge and pulling the needle out of the knitted fabric and observing how the stitches are oriented and which loop should face the front.

Question 3: I'm confused about the repeat part of the foot. From where to where is 7.5inch (=19cm)?

Measure along the side from the tip of your thumb like this.

Question 4: At the flechage knitting, does the sl on the RS side match the slip of the purlwise wyib?

It fits! Please slide your eyes so that the thread does not cross over to the front side.

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