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Sew Along 2020!

June 25, 2020

Sew Along 2020! デニムを縫う

I can knit sweaters, I can make summer tops, and the only thing I buy now is jeans. Just as I was thinking, last year Merchant & Mills released a pattern for jeans. I bought this thinking that I had no choice but to try it, but I was timid and put it aside for a year.

But this year, I will finally make it!

Click here for the template
And we also sell sets of buttons, zippers and threads

Start by choosing your fabric. I wanted to make jeans that looked like the real thing, so I searched for denim fabrics at a company in Okayama, Japan's jeans production area. there were!

This is the company. all blue. It's a fabric maker, but you can also buy it individually.

According to the pattern, if it is up to 12 ounces, it can be done with a home sewing machine, so I selected 12 ounces. I bought a type without selvedge, but it seems easier with selvedge (a type where the width of the fabric is thin and the selvage can be used as it is) because you don't have to use a zigzag sewing machine.

By the way, I chose this one without selvedge. I was looking for denim that doesn't stretch.

Here we come! The denim fabric that looks like a real thing has arrived. What should I do? and left for several months. However, I made a bold decision during the consecutive holidays in May. I thought it would shrink, so I had some leeway in the length. The length of the pattern can be adjusted, so I shortened the length by referring to my normal jeans.

Well, one of the reasons it took me so long to start sewing was because I didn't know how to use the threads that were in the kit. The kit contains 3 types of thread. As a result of research, I found that the thickest part is the front, the thin part is the bobbin (and the front of the finer parts), and the black is only on the back or where it is not noticeable. I feel like I can.

I used #16, the thickest needle I had, and it worked smoothly. However, after looking into it, it seems that there are also needles for jeans. A single needle might break, so I got this just in case.

The Merchant & Mills pattern recommends making it out of plain cotton, but I ended up sewing it all of a sudden. I tried sewing a little with leftover cloth, so it seemed like it would work at all.

Anyway, iron on 1, iron on 2. I would like to proceed carefully after folding it properly. I will post the progress on my blog!

For those of you who are a little hesitant. I found a website that publishes the actual process of making jeans, so I will introduce it. Looking at it makes me want to make something.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the process introduction of a company that makes quality denim

A video blog of a fashion boy who started making denim because of his hobby

They both seem to be using industrial sewing machines, but to reiterate, 12 oz.

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