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Sew Along 2020!

June 23, 2020

Sew Along 2020!

We knit all year round, especially with wool, but for some reason I feel like sewing in the summer. Summer clothes can be sewn quickly and worn immediately. These days, when it comes to summer, I don't know what clothes to buy. It's not a workplace where I have to wear a suit, and I can make it in time with handmade clothes every day.

But this year, let's take on a new challenge.

Why don't you sew something a little difficult?

For example jeans and jackets. And knitted fabrics (knits are actually easy).

But I don't have the courage. That's why we decided to do Sew Along. I often hear Knit Along (= KAL), but there is also Sew Along. It is also called SAL, but it is difficult to understand, so Sew Along.

Various products from Merchant & Mills arrived just in time, so kits will also appear. I would like you to take this opportunity to experience overseas sewing patterns, so I would like to basically sew along overseas patterns. Of course, but you can make whatever you like. Oh, I would love to have a size 20 top too.

Sew Along 2020: July 1-31

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Please join us!

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