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From the new Quince&co. collection

September 16, 2017


Following Brooklyn Tweed, Quince&co. also announced a new collection. All of them are patterns that make you feel the beginning of autumn and get excited. Among them, today I would like to introduce three items that use Lark.

bromley by Melissa Schaschwary

This hat with a simple cable pattern has a very nice atmosphere that you can wear loosely. Why not choose two of your favorite colors for the best autumn project? Of course, deep colors are good, but if you're knitting now, when the heat is still lingering, a slightly lighter color might be good.

Burke by Bristol Ivy

Designed by Bristol, who loves brioche, this cardigan is full of patterns and lines made of brioche! The pattern emerges beautifully because it is knitted with elastic Lark. The shoulder line and back are also very feminine and enchanting. It looks like I'll be able to enjoy 3 seasons knitting from now on.

tolland by Elizabeth Smith

I want a poncho this fall and winter! I thought. It's simple yet modern, and the cowl-like neck is nice in the middle of winter. You don't have to worry about how to wrap it, you can wear it over a shirt now, and over a coat in the winter, and it won't come off even if you ride a bicycle. I think it will be one that you will pick up every day.

It's getting cooler in the mornings and evenings, and it's almost time to wear wool hats and sweaters.

Enjoy knitting!