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Kinchaku Project Bag semi-order information

April 12, 2017

きんちゃくProject Bag セミオーダーのご案内

Knitting starts small, knitting grows and grows.
One of the real pleasures of knitting is that the small things in your hand gradually take shape.

What kind of project bag do you put this shape-changing knitting in? What are your favorite shapes?
I hear people who have a lot of projects say, "I don't have enough bags, so I'm going to use paper bags."

Surprisingly, there are few project bags that are perfect for your needs.
This time, I made an amirisu original project bag with the idea of ​​a cloth artist.
We will sell on a semi-order system.

The shape is a drawstring bag.
It's an excellent shape as a drawstring bag or a project bag.

At amirisu, all the staff bring knitting to work.
because it happens every day
It's light enough to fit in a bag...
Don't let the small items pop out, don't let the knitting needles pierce the fabric...
Whether it's small or big, it fits in any shape...

As expected, there were many checkpoints, but
With this tight-fitting type, it can be tightened and any progress can be accommodated.

We also paid attention to the size.
Vertical type and horizontal type are available. The horizontal type is suitable for large projects.

Vertical type of octopusOblong type of octopus

The string is long and the opening is wide, so it is easy to put in and take out.

The fabric is Cotton + Steel fabric, which has a good reputation for quality even in shops. It is durable because it has a white lining.

It is a semi-order system where you can choose the shape and fabric.

One fabric artist sews each one carefully.
A squirrel charm is included as a finishing touch.

The online shop has started taking orders.
Click here for details.

At the store, we will prepare a sample and cloth and hold a petit order meeting.
You can actually see the fabric and decide.

Kyoto store: April 12 (Wed)-April 22 (Sat) 11:00-18:00 * Closed on the 16th and 17th Tokyo store: April 20 (Thu)-April 23 (Sunday) 13:00-18:00 *21st only 10:00-15:00

Of course, it is convenient because it is a special kinchaku,
It has a finish that allows you to feel the goodness of what is carefully made.

I hope it becomes your favorite project bag.

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