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Hand-dyed POP UP DAY Tokyo store event, introduction of participating diamonds

May 12, 2018

手染めPOP UP DAY 東京店イベント、参加ダイヤー紹介

The hand-dyed yarn pop-up event that we announced the other day is getting closer. I would like to introduce the participating diamonds today. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought, "I want to shop while looking at the real thing!" when I saw pictures of wonderful yarn on Instagram. It will be such a precious opportunity.

Each person wrote about the introduction of the brand and the products they would bring with them on the day.

LemonJellyPool (top photo is also from LemonJellyPool)

In April 2017, we started selling hand-dyed yarn online. I dye colorful yarns inspired by fruits and sweets as if I were traveling around the world.

We will introduce some popular products, including colors that sell out on the same day at the shop and standard products. We also have refreshing new colors for early summer!
Please enjoy the colorful LemonJellyPool yarn that will make your heart dance.


Music, stage, dance, design, nursing... I have unknowingly traveled through different worlds. Taking advantage of that experience, It will make you excited when you pick it up, I would like to produce such yarn.
On the day of the event, we will bring mainly hand-dyed merino wool.
We also plan to bring silky merino for the summer, and the popular sock yarn. We will also bring the popular lace thread, Please take a look at it.


A duo unit of Naho and Rika who dye yarn and make temari.
Vegetable dyeing that captures the colors of nature. We dye the natural materials collected in Tokyo and travel destinations and bundle them one by one to deliver the messages conveyed by the colors of the plants.

All of the cotton threads that will be sold on the day are plant-dyed and hand-dyed in Tokyo. Initially, it was made as a thread for making Temari, but now it is used for embroidery and various handicrafts and crafts both in Japan and overseas. Vegetable-dyed embroidery thread and extra-fine thread are sold individually and as a set.

date and time
May 26 (Sat) 11:00-18:00


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