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Nichi Nichi wants to knit!

November 13, 2020

Nichi Nichiが編みたい!

It's been a long time since I've been delusional diary.

The Nichi Nichi cardigan by yamagara, which was released the other day, fell in love at first sight. Although it has a basic shape, the knitted fabric on the body and the ribs on the shoulders give it an indescribably wonderful atmosphere.

When I knitted Hikari in amirisu No. 20 this summer, I felt that the connections between the parts and the patterns made me feel as if a puzzle was neatly fitting into it. .

Do you want to wear it oversized and loosely, or wear it with a perfect fit? Do you want to use a soft thread or a light and crisp thread?

Nichi Nichi is said to have been attached from the Zen word 'day is good day'. If you look into it, it means that every day is wonderful. Wearing a cardigan with such a meaning, I want to spend every day with a smile. I think so.

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