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About NHK's wonderfully handmade "net knitted shawl from Denmark" yarn

December 11, 2014

Today is the announcement of the Isaga thread.
Marianne Isager appears in the December issue of NHK Suteki ni Handmade .
The broadcast has ended, but have you all seen it?

A pink shawl inspired by spring in Japan.
If you want to knit in a more chic color, please look for the designated thread at the amirisu shop .
This work is knitted with two ultra-fine yarns, Spinni and Alpaca 1.
The same color is fine for both, but it's also fun to match colors of slightly different systems.

Here is the thread used.
Isager Spinni 100g (1 case. It is in the state of the case) <Purchase here>
Isager Alpaca 1 100g (50g balls x 2) <Buy here>

*Spinni is sold as a case. The online shop does not offer egg roll service. If you purchase it at WALNUT in Kyoto, we will roll it for you.

Blue and brown are also recommended.
number 60
Isager糸Spinni & Alpaca 1 - 色番60sのセット
number 47
Isager糸Spinni & Alpaca 1 - 色番47のセット
number 54
Isager糸Spinni & Alpaca 1 - 色番54のセット

Marianne's other works are also introduced on the broadcast.
A sweater from the four seasons collection that was announced last year.
Marianne seems to like it too, and she often wears it when we meet.
This book will be in stock next week. If you are interested, please purchase from here (reservation required). Please take this opportunity!
Reservations are sold out. thank you very much!
(Photo from Isager website)

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