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Mystery KAL

May 11, 2017

Mystery KAL

Have you ever participated in Mystery KAL?

Speaking of Mystery KAL, the 2014 Stephen West-designed Exploration Station and the more recent Snowmelt Shawl by Helen Stewart have attracted the attention of many knitters.

In the first place, KAL (Knit Along) is to knit the same thing or the same theme together, show the progress and completion on SNS, and exchange opinions. Enjoy knitting with knitters around the world! about it.

And what kind of KAL is Mystery KAL?
We all know the amount of yarn we need, the needles, the gauge, etc., but we don't know what the finished product will look like, so we all knit together!
When the deadline comes, the designer reveals the patterns one by one like solving a mystery, and generally all the patterns are completed within a month or two.

I wondered how it would unfold next... We were excited and excited as we knitted together.

Well, speaking of the mystery KAL that will start soon, the popular Argentinian designer Joji Locatelli's Mystery Wrap!

What I know now is

*Fingering yarn 5 colors (1650-1750 yards) used

*Needle size US6 (4.0 mm)

*The finished size of the rectangular shawl is about 66 x 180cm (after blocking).

* Patterns will be announced on the following 5 times

clue 1 - May 12

clue 2 - May 19th

clue 3 - May 26th

clue 4 - June 2

clue 5 - June 9

*Simple lace knitting is about 10% of the total, without using techniques such as brioche or flechage knitting. There are many garter knitting parts.

Joji's design, which is simple but always has a little fun, will surely make a wonderful shawl.

Amirisu assembled a kit with Hedgehog Fibers Skinn.
Recommended colors for Meri and Tokuko.
Please use it as a reference for color selection if you like.

Let's all participate in Mystery KAL and have fun!

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