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If you knit a new mYak yarn...

April 18, 2017


New spring and summer yarns have been released from mYak, a company that produces yarns that are particular about the quality of yak and environmental protection!
It has a smooth texture, so you can wear it all year round with a shawl, and even with the rainy season. Also, since it contains 50% yak, it is much easier to knit than 100% cotton or linen.

As always, we'll be sharing our favorite patterns with you.
First from the shawl.

Dotted Rays by Stephen West
Everyone loves Stephen. If it is a one-color version of the photo, it will be 6 cassettes. I think this shape will be an easy-to-use piece.

Haruni by Emily Ross
Famous free pattern. Over 10,000 projects now! It should be fun knitting. You can knit with 4 skeins.

Walk Along by ANKEST RiCK
A stylish top-down summer outfit with two colors. For those who wear G pants like uniforms, this simple shape should come in handy.
This short-sleeved version has 5 MCs and 2 CCs.

Ivy Line by Yoko Johnston
A pattern by Yoko, a Japanese designer. It's a perfect piece for this time of year. Of course there is a Japanese pattern! From 9 cassettes.

Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy
A pullover that can be worn all summer long. The designated thread is Sparrow, but I think the gauge can be removed if you knit it smoothly. It looks like it would go well with a skirt. From 6 cassettes.

Even if you start knitting now, you should be able to make it in time! Please join us in our early summer wardrobe.
Check out mYak's Baby yak / Silk Yarn here. We are waiting for your shopping!


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