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Patterns to knit with Miss Babs, Yummy 2-Ply

September 04, 2019

Miss Babs, Yummy 2-Plyで編みたいパターン

Speaking of Miss Babs Fingering, it's Yummy 2-Ply. 100% merino wool, super washed and tightly twisted for easy knitting and less pilling. It's comfortable to knit, and I think it's durable enough after knitting. Wear, shawls, socks, anything is OK! Wear from 3 pieces and shawls from 2 pieces.

Well then! We will introduce the recommended patterns that we have selected.

Smock Madness by Elisabeth White
The specified thread is Miss Babs Hot Shot, but of course I think you can knit with Yummy 2-Ply without any problems. Rubber-based socks are comfortable to wear. It is a general shape sock that starts from the opening. From 1 case. There is also size expansion.

On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg
Colorful shawls from famous shawl designer Melanie. There are plenty of events such as slippery patterns and garter knitting, and this color combination is cute!
You can enjoy the gradation unique to hand dyeing.

a girl's best friend by Isabell Kraemer
A large size shawl with a cute pom-pom from the popular designer Isabell. The knitting method is simple, so the color combination is the point. First, decide the colors of the pink and white parts of the sample, and then decide the colors of the occasional stripes and edges. There are many projects on Ravelry, so it might be a good idea to refer to other works as well.
There are 2 boxes each of pink and ocher, and 1 box of white.

Earth & Sky by Stephen West
Eight years before Stephen! Mystery KAL shawl. It is an interesting shawl that is knitted using 3 colors, and the atmosphere changes considerably depending on the color. I like the brown version of the photo. There are 3 versions of the size, but each one can be used as a casserole. There are already 2,500 projects on Ravelry, so please refer to which color to match!

Loop by Casapinka
The chance to use hand-dyed yarn, which looks cute on paper but doesn't know how to use it, has arrived! It's a simple crescent-shaped shawl, but the colorful shades of the loops that come in sometimes work well. Let's play with cute colors on the basic MC. If it's a small shawlette type, MC and CC will be one skein each. In terms of photo size, MC is 2 and CC is 1.

Solaris by Melanie Berg

Melanie's shawl, which I introduced earlier, is also a multicolored shawl. The sample uses MC plus 5 colors of CC, but just like the loop introduced above, if you combine it with flashy yarn, you can use MC and 1 color of CC. It's a trick I often use, but it looks like you're using multiple colors, and it actually creates an interesting atmosphere.
In the pattern, if the MC is 2 skeins, it's 1m short, but maybe 2 skeins will do! And for CC, please choose a cute hand-dyed 1x.

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