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Patterns to knit with Miss Babs, Yowza

September 04, 2019

Miss Babs,  Yowzaで編みたいパターン

Speaking of Miss Babs, Yowza! It's a famous yarn. With a thickness of about DK to Light Worsted, it can be used in a wide range of patterns from DK to Worsted, so it is a long-selling hand-dyed thread with 16,500 projects on Ravelry. The secret to its popularity is that one skein weighs 226g and is 560 yards. A sweater can be knitted in 3 skeins with almost no splicing. It's also affordable. The material is 100% shrink-proof merino, so you can easily wash your hands at home.

Another great thing about Yowza is that it has a lot of beautiful semi-solids! Perfect for knitting clothes. It's still a little hot right now, and the insects' voices feel far away, but by the time the thread reaches you, you should be able to hear them. How about the first wear for this autumn? Here are some recommended patterns.

The Weekender

You know Andrea's popular pattern. The designation is Shelter, but it would be nice to knit with such a semi-solid! The details are also clearer than Shelter's marl color, giving it a clean impression. The color in the picture is a dark orange called Cygnus. If it's XS~S, you can make it with 2 boxes. (M or above is 3 cases.)

Dark and Stormy

Speaking of Yowza, this is the cardigan pattern. This is one of Thea Colman's representative designs. Released nearly 10 years ago, the number of projects exceeds 1600. I still think it's an iron plate that doesn't look old. I've been thinking for a long time that I want to knit with such a dark color.

Pumpkin Ale

Cardigan designed by Ysolda for Rhinebeck. The designated thread was Heartland, a non-shrunk thread, but for that reason it was discontinued, and Yowza is often used instead. After enjoying the cable on the back body, the front body is knitted sideways, which is an unusual structure, so you can enjoy it from beginning to end. 2 boxes for M to L, and 3 boxes for more. When it comes to L, it's barely possible, so if you're worried about it, we recommend 3 cases.

Rocky Coast Cardigan

The designation is not Yowza, but it is one of the most commonly used threads. A cardigan that looks like it can be worn casually, with a pattern that looks like ripples in the sand. It is a popular pattern with 1900 projects. In order to make the pattern stand out, it is better to knit with a light color. There are beautiful colors such as light pink, gray, and lavender. This is also a pattern that can be done with 2 to 3 skeins.

Worsted Boxy

Worsted version of Joji's best-selling pattern, Boxy. Yowza is the second most used thread after the specified thread. Since it is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up, there is no trouble and you can knit it smoothly. It looks nice even if you choose a slightly grainy or colored color. There are 2 boxes up to M, and 3 boxes from L.

Tree Rings

We've only introduced clothing, but we also recommend shawls. Such a simple large size shawl is actually the most active type. If you roll it loosely, it will give you a slightly elegant atmosphere. Are you in the mood for a dark chocolate color this year?

The chocolate color is Cacao with 2 boxes, and the light pink is Muslin with a smaller version, 1 box.

Just looking at it made me want to knit more and more! I'm really worried about what color to use!

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