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what are you knitting now? 〜WAITING FOR RAIN knitted with MALABRIGO FINITO〜

March 09, 2022


Today we're introducing a stylish crescent-shaped shawl, Waiting for Rain .

There are 4 delicate lace patterns that split the garter stitch. The ends of the shawl will naturally curl when you roll it, creating a beautiful drape!

The yarn used is Finito from Malabrigo. Unfortunately, amirisu doesn't carry it, but it's made from high-quality merino wool from Uruguay in South America, and it's really fluffy to the touch. It does not irritate even if it hits your face.

Moss-like green and moist blue, shades that seem to smell of plants and rain. If you spread this shawl and pray for rain, it seems that the rainy season will come early.

It's a very nice color, but it seemed a little plain for the staff who love bright colors. No way, "I will give it to my mother!" I want to touch it, so sometimes I want you to borrow it from your mother and bring it to the office.

It took about a month to knit. Since the amount of yarn was just barely enough, I measured the number of grams used for each row at the end and calculated the remaining amount of yarn. I continued to knit with my heart pounding, but in the end I ran out of yarn and didn't knit about the last two rows. But it's a shawl so it's okay.

The Shawl book in which this pattern appears is sold out, but you can buy the pattern alone on Ravelry .

It seems that there are also instructions for adding, enlarging, and changing the location of the lace pattern.

Looking at designer Sylvia McFadden's page , in addition to this Waiting for Rain, there are many patterns with similar names related to rain, such as Water, The Rain Outside, and After the Rain. All of them have a lace pattern tear in the garter stitch, but each one is slightly different, and it's exciting just thinking about which one to knit.

And when it comes to yarn in amirisu, I definitely recommend Parade !

Refreshing to the touch thanks to the blend of cotton, linen and silk. It comes in a variety of nuanced colors, so I think you'll be able to create a shade that's mature and elegant, and that doesn't interfere with your coordination.


Thread used: Malabrigo Finito

Color: 040 Estragon

Needle: US6

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