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Maker's High Podcast

June 24, 2021

Maker's High ポッドキャスト

Amirisu's new podcast, Maker's High, curated by Tokuko and Meri.

The amirisu podcast, which staff member Hirayama is in charge of, talks about knitting in general and amirisu products, but in the Maker's High podcast, amirisu, who is active with the concept of handmade life and slow fashion, talks about topics that interest her with guests. A program to think about manufacturing. We talk loosely about life and work in general, not just knitting.

2-3 times a month, we will deliver interviews with guests, chats about the theme of the month, and introductions to news.

We have had two guests so far. The first guest is Masako Nakagawa, a photographer who has been in charge of shooting for "Shawl's Book" published in 2020 and knot recently. I'm asking about the trigger that started work, the event that became a turning point, and knitting. The second person is Yoko Yoshikawa, a hair and makeup artist who has been in charge of amirisu's hair and makeup since issue 3. We asked Mr. Yoshikawa, who is widely active in magazines and commercials, about makeup from work to daily life.

Please enjoy it as a companion for knitting or commuting.

We are also looking for letters from everyone. We are currently looking for a morning routine. Please let me know what you do in the morning and what you are trying to do. We are also looking for your impressions of the program and themes you would like us to cover.

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