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Appearance! Madeline tosh!

September 17, 2014

I am updating my blog every day. That's because new products are added to the online shop every day!
Madelinetosh finally appeared today. The first arrival is Tosh Medino Light. It's a perfect thread for shawls and wear.
As many of you know, Madelinetosh is the world's most popular hand-dyed yarn maker. As a yarn shop owner, this is one of the yarns that I always want to have in stock.

Of course, even a single color is a beautiful thread, but here we introduce a color combination selected by amirisu. Recommended pattern and accompaniment. Well start!

First, the No. 5 shawl pattern Tryst . Actually, I knit with slightly thicker thread, but Tosh Medino Light is no problem at all! You can knit with MC2 skein and CC1 skein.

An adult combination of Filigree and Glazed Pecan.
Perfect for photo images.

A cute combination of Rose and Butter. Recommended for those who like sweet taste.

Well, next is the popular pattern Color Affection . It's a Veera pattern that Japanese people love.
You can knit with 3 color combinations for each skein.

A whitish combination of Antler, Silver Fox and Calligraphy. You should be able to enjoy the subtle changes in color that are unique to hand dyeing.

A combination of Nector and Earl Gray and Celadon. It is one piece that pink of Nector becomes the point.
Betty Draper's Blue, Cove and Denim's blue group. It's the closest to the photo image of the pattern.

Another Veera pattern, Happy Street ! This can also be done one by one.

The color names are Fluro Rose, Calligraphy and Charcoal. Madelinetosh's neon colors are so cute. I personally want to knit this.

Lastly, the blue group of Madelinetosh. I can't get enough of blue.
Click here to purchase . The next arrival is undecided, so please hurry up.

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