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what are you sewing now 〜Madeline Dress made with Indian Cotton from Merchant & Mills〜

November 30, 2022

今何縫ってる?〜Merchant&MillsのIndian Cottonで作るMadeline Dress〜

Today we would like to introduce the Madeline Dress made by our staff, Mei. This is the new work of knot released at the beginning of this month!

A dress that gently spreads toward the hem with tucks on the shoulders. Easy to make with few parts.
Mei shortened the hem by 20cm and the sleeves by 10cm to enjoy a layered style with a long skirt. It gives a light impression.

It seems that I tried to put a thin ribbon on the back waist. You can enjoy changing the silhouette by tying it loosely or tightly.

To make the ribbon, simply cut the excess fabric into long strips, fold it in four to the desired width, and sew it to the back waist.
It is recommended that the length of the ribbon be at least 50 cm so that you can tie it in various ways. If you want to turn it forward to mark your waist, prepare a longer ribbon. (My waist size +40cm)

The fabric used is Indian Cotton Lean Stripe from Merchant & Mills.

It is a cloth made with traditional techniques in Jaipur, India. The hand block print has subtle fluctuations in the stripes and is very cute!

It seems that the smell of the dye is strong because it is indigo dyed, but other than that, it is an excellent cloth that is easy to sew and can be ironed in one shot.

The fabric is thin, but the density is high, so it doesn't let the wind through. It seems that you will feel warm just by wearing one piece.
In the winter, we tend to wear thick clothes and our coordination tends to be sluggish, but when you put this dress on in such a case, you can create a light style with a good overall balance!

I haven't attached the button yet. Can I put it on if I feel like it? ?

Finally, a message from Mei.
In the original pattern, the pocket seam allowance is only sewn with a zigzag sewing machine, but if you want to clean it up, try sewing a bag.


Pattern: amirisu knot Madeline Dress

Size: 6

Fabric: Merchant & Mills Indian Cotton Lean Stripe

Color: Indigo

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