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what are you knitting now? ~ Puff Sleeve Top knitted with Loopy Mango Mohair So Soft ~

October 30, 2019

今何編んでる? 〜 Loopy Mango Mohair So Softで編むPuff Sleeve Top 〜

It's getting cooler in the mornings and evenings, and I'm finally wearing cover socks with boa to work at the Kyoto store. It's cold, Kyoto store!

The newly arrived Loopy Mango Mohair So Soft was immediately knitted by the staff of the Kyoto store, so I will introduce the drawing.
Mohair Puff Sleeve Top ! The pop of purple is cute, isn't it?

I wondered when I would wear short-sleeved mohair from Bulky. I wear it at this temperature now. I actually wore it today. Very cute and suits you.
I feel that it can be used even in winter in offices in Tokyo.

Time required to complete: 4-6 hours, but it took 10 hours.
However, it seems like a dream to make a sweater in 10 hours.

If you want to feel a sense of accomplishment, check it out!

* Currently, many colors are sold out. Please purchase as soon as possible.

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