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what are you knitting now? 〜SAND WAVES woven with LA BIEN AIMÉE TWIST NOUVEAU〜

March 01, 2022


Today I would like to introduce Sand Waves , which graced the cover of the English version of amirisu22 . This is a pattern by Ririko, a popular Japanese designer.

The deputy manager of the Tokyo store, who was thrilled the moment she saw the cover photo, knitted it in spring-like pink!

The pattern of the yoke that spreads out is the pattern of waves on the sandy beach.
At first glance, it looks difficult, but you can knit it with just YO, K2tog, and SSK. Once you get the rhythm, it's easy. If anything, it seems that the knitted desert after that was more difficult.

The sample in the magazine uses a thread that looks like sand, but the deputy manager's choice is La Bien Aimée's Twist Nouveau . The color is Anemone, a beautiful mix of pink and lavender. The impression has changed completely, and it has become a sandy beach where the little mermaid Ariel seems to live.

By the way, the twist is strong, so it is very easy to knit and it is refreshing, but when it becomes a knitted fabric, it seems that the twist is noticeable.

Originally the 3/4 sleeve pattern has been changed to long sleeves.
If you stretch the sleeves, won't the balance of the design be lost? When I was worried about it, Mr. Tokuko gave me wonderful advice, saying, "Why don't you knit the sleeves according to the pattern and stretch only the rubber knitted part of the wrist?" I was able to achieve the desired sleeve length without compromising the balance.

It's just the right size and it's a short length, so she wants to match it with a voluminous skirt or wide pants.

There is a slit on the side, and there is a difference between the front and back, so you can enjoy various coordination!

It's the perfect outfit for spring. Why don't you all try knitting?

Details Thread: La bien Aimee Twist Nouveau
Color: Anemone
Needle: US4

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