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what are you knitting now? ~Storm Knitting with La Bien Aimée~

October 02, 2019

今何編んでる? 〜  La Bien Aiméeで編むStorm 〜

Perhaps because of the typhoon, the record-breaking heat continues in October. But autumn will surely come! So, I would like to introduce one Kase project knitted by the staff.

Storm designed by Joji who also held a fair the other day. Recently, there are many shawls that use a lot of yarn, so a shawl that can be knitted in one skein is valuable.
However, the size is larger than I thought thanks to the hanging eyes and the drive knitting. This size is stretched out with blocking. This is easy to use!

For the staff, it was their first shawl, their first drive knitting, and their first Picot Bind Off, so it was fun to experience various knitting methods.
For those who are wondering what to do with this one (I'm sure there are many!), this pattern is recommended.

Detailed pattern name: Storm By Joji
Thread used: La Bien Aimée Super Sock (Nymera) 1 skein

As of today, the La Bien Aimée Super Sock is out of stock online, but it looks like they may still have some in stock. With Primrose Yarn , the amount of yarn is safe and recommended!
Patterns are in English only. The English version can be printed and sold at the store. Please use it.

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