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Introducing Kokon

March 10, 2020


Kokon yarn has beautiful hand-dyed colors and a wide variety of neutral colors. It is also popular as a designated thread for designs by Eri and Isabell Kraemer.

We asked Kokon owner Michelle to answer a few questions in a written interview.

amirisu: When and how did you start Kokon?

Michelle: We started in 2016. Like a thread made of several materials, Kokon was created by combining various thoughts and experiences in me. Kokon is an expression of my love of textiles and crafts, my own creativity, my upbringing and my history.

amirisu: How do you decide on the colors? And which color is your favorite right now?

Michelle: Color is very interesting because it can evoke different emotions. Kokon has a range of colors that evoke my emotions. Inspiration is everywhere: the work of painters, fashion designers, nature, traditional crafts and tribal art. I express what I felt when I saw it, something like poetry in the colors.

I like to wear green which is the color of nature. It's hard to pick a favorite Kokon color, but I like to combine Daybreak, Clay, Dune, and Stone.

amirisu: How many types of threads are there?

Michelle: Currently there are six types:

Kokon semi solid merino fingering

Kokon semi solid merino DK

Kokon chunky Mohair

Kokon Indigo fingering

Kokon Indigo Aran

Kokon Handspun

In the spring of 2020, we plan to release 3 more bases. Two of them want to introduce South African mohair.

amirisu: Where do you live and how do you spend your days?

Michelle: I'm from South Africa, but my husband is Dutch, so now I live in a small town near Utrecht in central Holland. The Netherlands is a very small and densely populated country, but we are happy every day to live in a green space.

My children are my treasure, so I decided to work from home so I could watch them grow. I start the morning with walking the dog, then get the kids ready and drop them off at school. I pick them up at 3pm, but I work around that time. Working is also my pleasure. Working from home allows me to work at any time that suits my child's schedule. There may come a day when I feel that my home is too small, but I like the way I am now because I can work at any time according to my child's schedule .

My current job comes from within me, so it means more to me than when I worked for a big company. Kokon is my happiness.

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