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I tried the KNOT pattern!

July 17, 2021


I talked to Tokuko about KNOT in the amirisu podcast recording, and after trying on the sample, it was beyond my imagination! I immediately bought the pattern and fabric on the spot and tried Pippi pants first.

The S size was perfect for me, but I chose the M size this time because I wanted to sew something that I could wear a little looser. The fabric is Daruma Fabric Paper / Kuro. I never let go of my feeling of being a sewing beginner, I was tired of sewing, and I made many mistakes, so my sewing experience started.

・First, I printed out the patterns, arranged them in order, and attached them with sellotape. I was told that the paper should not come apart when I cut it, so I easily stopped it in two places and the pattern was completed in no time.

・I cut the pattern roughly into parts, put them on the fabric, pin them, and cut the paper and fabric at the same time along the pattern line. I don't have a rotary cutter, so when I used scissors, I felt that it would cut straighter if I cut the paper together with the fabric rather than just the fabric. I thought it would be nice to have a longer length, so I stretched the line to XL size and cut it.

・There is a sticker on the fabric that says "front" in advance, but I put masking tape on the surface of the parts that might be difficult to identify.

・From here, just sew according to the instructions. There are illustrations and explanations of the stitches, so it's easy to understand if it's Japanese!

The entire process from printing out the pattern to finishing sewing takes about 5 hours. I was a little tired because I concentrated on sewing without eating rice, but I was very satisfied with the pants. This fabric is thin but has a firm feel, so you can wear it on a humid day without stress. Also, the length is a little longer, so it looks great whether you wear it as is or with the hem folded back.

It's been a long time, but please try the "KNOT" pattern!

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