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Supporters Club: About Instagram Service

July 20, 2018

As I told you the other day, from this time on, we will open an Instagram dedicated to the Supporters Club. Let us know what kind of things are going on there!

① Until now, once a month, Tokuko and Meri's chat video was done using Ust's service. Moved here to Instagram Live.

I'm not on Instagram! Some customers were worried, but as soon as this is over, I will upload it to YouTube, so I think it will be easier to see than before without password problems.
Another good thing about Instagram Live is that it is easy to add comments during the live. I will answer all of your questions! I'm going to inform you about the schedule to do it on Instagram as well.

② We will inform you of the arrival information of WALNUT as soon as possible. This yarn has just arrived at the shop! This is a plan to give you a picture of. Please be excited and wait while the products go up to the store and online shop.

③ Introducing Tokuko and Meri's daily life
We will deliver a lunch scene of the two and a little daily scene.

④ I'm thinking of sharing information about popular patterns and popular events overseas.

⑤ I usually refuse to reply to comments on Instagram, but I'm thinking of answering frankly to the supporters club. If the conversation gets complicated, we will guide you to the store, but if it is a light content, Tokuko and Meri will answer!

What do you think. Even if you are not on Instagram or do not have a smartphone, you can now create an account on your PC.
I hope I can have fun with everyone through Instagram.

We will introduce another new service tomorrow.
Click here to apply for the Supporters Club . Deadline is Monday the 23rd.

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