March 31, 2017

Hey Lady Hey recommended pattern

Hey Lady Hey おすすめパターン

A very cute hand-dyed yarn from the East Coast of the United States, Hey Lady Hey's Single Lady Yarn (Fingering) has arrived. The soft, feminine atmosphere is mixed with pop colors, making it very attractive.

This time, I would like to introduce a recommended pattern using this thread.

1. Confetti

New pattern from popular designer Veera.

How about choosing a single color and your favorite multicolor yarn and knitting it? You should be able to make a perfect pullover for the coming season. This is absolutely cute!

The online shop sells kits with Japanese patterns .

2. Breathing Space

Another very popular pattern from Veera.

Even if you are trying pop colors for the first time, I think it will be easy to incorporate it if you combine it with a calm color like this.

3.Exploration Station

This Stephen West shawl, which is always popular at the Tokyo store, Hey Lady Hey. I'm at a loss as to which color to choose.


Just looking at these Hey Lady Hey yarns will make you happy, so hurry up and buy them!