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Making Heroine Jeans (Part 3)

July 02, 2020

Heroine Jeansをつくる(その3)

This time, I will introduce my impressions and lessons learned from making jeans for the first time.

A little change

I basically followed the pattern from start to finish, but there are some minor changes. In the Heroine pattern, all the seams are finished with a zigzag sewing machine, but when I looked at my jeans, the back yoke and crotch were double-sewn, so I double-sewn them. I was worried about the thickness where the yoke and rise overlap, so I cut as much as possible about 2 cm from the edge of the inner seam allowance to reduce the thickness.

Actually, I thought I should sew the inseam with bag stitching (I could probably do it if I thought about doing it), but I had a lock sewing machine finish here as well, so I really like it, so this time it's easier. Finished with a zigzag sewing machine.

Also, I haven't put it on yet, but I'm thinking about putting a leather tag on the back.

sew your first pair of jeans

The biggest thing I learned this time was that you can sew denim fabric with a home sewing machine! That's all.

A lot of people have told me that if it's a little thick fabric, it's not suitable for a home sewing machine, but it was fine at all! 12 was fine, and I think I can go up to about 13.5.

I also found that thicker fabrics are easier to sew. Of course, you need to be careful when the seam allowance overlaps, but when you sew a straight line, it doesn't slip easily and it goes beautifully. And since the thread is a contrast color, it's easy to untie when you want to start over! No more accidentally cutting fabric.

Until the waist belt was attached, it was really smooth without almost redoing. Belt loops and buttonholes were the hardest!

I would like to challenge again without learning from this. Next, try 13.5 oz selvedge denim! I will also add rivets! It's a schedule.

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