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Let's sew HARLENE overalls! !

March 03, 2022


From last month, sewing patterns and fabrics, in addition to linen and cotton yarns, have started to sell little by little, and I feel like it's spring.
Among the staff, the topic of sewing has increased as they want to sew something soon.

In the meantime, I would like to introduce the stylish overalls, Harlene patterns and fittings that have been restocked from Merchant & Mills in the UK!

I think that there are many people who think that overalls make them look childish or that they don't know how to wear them, but they are popular among the amirisu staff. Occasionally, there are days when nearly half of the staff are wearing overalls.
Depending on the color, material, size, and the clothes you wear inside, it is possible to create a coordinate that is not too casual.

Well, Harlene, which has been restocked, is Mr. Nakanaga's favorite.

There are many places to sew, so it's difficult, but it's surprisingly easy because most of them are straight lines. It seems that only the curved part of the back was made by cutting the seam allowance because it was difficult to fold in three. The stitches that are made to stand out by choosing white thread are also cute.

The photo shows a fabric called Gabardine purchased from Atelier Brunette in Paris. Firm and thick 100% cotton fabric, perfect for overalls. This fabric was also sold out in most colors, but it's back in stock!

We also added vivid oranges and ochers, so please check the product page.

In addition, the weight is reduced by changing the lining of the pockets and waist belt to a different thin cloth. It dries quickly and I highly recommend it!

Mr. Nakanaga wears this really well, and even though he has washed it in the washing machine, it holds up well. However, please be careful to wash it alone as the color will come out for the first few times.

And actually, Mr. Nakanaga, Harlene sews two pieces.
The other is for summer using DARUMA FABRIC's Pool . It seems that they are planning to make a third item, and the recommended item for the upcoming season is DARUMA FABRIC's Spangles . Thin but solid. Organic cotton twill, 8oz Organic Twill also looks good.

It's still a long way off, but if you want to make something for the next fall/winter season, I think it's definitely cute to try using the newly arrived corduroy fabric from Atelier Brunette.

Details Cloth used: Atelier Brunette, Gabardine
Color: Night
size: 14

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