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Styling Introduction - Hane 1

July 12, 2016

It's hot and humid every day.
The floats of the Gion Festival are set up near the Kyoto store, and I feel that summer is in full swing.

Well, today we have a styling introduction, staff member Tomo wore Hane.

First of all, from Hane's pattern introduction.
Hane, a popular pattern designed by Kirsten Johnstone.
The hem is asymmetric and has a beautiful drape, and the sleeves are decorated with hane.
What makes this pattern unique is that it has variations.
You can enjoy 6 variations by changing the shape of the sleeves.

The thread is Shibuya Linen.
Did you know that Shibui Linen has been discontinued?
The amirisu staff were also shocked and ended up buying memories.
When knitted with Shibui Linen, it drapes beautifully and is perfect for light Hane.

Matched with a glossy and voluminous skirt.
You can also wear it for a short outing in summer.
To be honest, I was hesitant to wear an asymmetrical design,
Surprisingly (?) it was okay with Sibui Linen's elegant color!

Tomo is 153 cm tall and skinny.
The sample is S size, so there is still a little left over.
If you're going to knit it yourself, go one size smaller.

Hane is mature and gorgeous, and is recommended for summer outings.
The online shop is selling a kit with a video course.
How about the last Shibuya Linen knitting?

Shop here .

Next time, another staff will wear it and introduce it. Please look forward to it!

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