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Coordination introduction and FLW autumn wear start handling

October 06, 2017


Wear and shawl knitted with Line Weight. I think there are many people who have purchased the kit and have already started knitting.

I knit my own knitwear by hand, but I don't know how to match it with clothes! I often hear voices like this, and I've been thinking about whether I can propose something for a long time. Therefore, as a new attempt from this fall, we will start handling ready-made clothes.

What kind of clothes should I introduce to everyone who likes the taste of amirisu? We wanted to make something that we liked, something that was as close as possible to the clothes we usually wear. Fortunately, we are frighteningly similar in what we like. (We even went to the same store on different days and bought the same thing...) It's fun to choose together.

For the first installment, we will introduce amirisu's original items and other items that we have been working with for a long time. Recently, the number of people who wear linen all year round has increased, and the brand is focusing on autumn and winter wear. Original clothing designed by stylist Rieko Ohashi is produced in Lithuania. While sticking to the lines and drape, we propose clothes that are easy to match with various body types in one size.

This time, we have selected 3 items from the FW2017 collection. The standard is that it is easy to match with the knits proposed by amirisu. A simple linen Ilva dress with an Ashworth scarf . A gray ribbon can be used to mark the waist, so I think you can coordinate it nicely even if you knit a gray scarf. There are two colors, and darker ones can be combined with a light gray or white scarf.

Tokuko tried this on, and it was really neat and cool, so I made a quick decision.

We also recommend pairing it with a loose long cardigan and wearing boots. You can mark your waist, or you can tie a ribbon in the back and squeeze the line a little.

The bibbe pullover knitted from Fiber Co.'s Arranmore Light is matched with sarouel pants called Riho. The waist is loose and the hem is slim, so it looks neat and comfortable. If you want to wear it loose, roll up the hem and pair it with slip-ons or sneakers.

If it's a skirt, definitely long this year. This Yui skirt has tucks instead of gathers, so the waist looks neat and the top can be tucked in or taken out.

Above all, this color called biscuit color is cute. As you can see in the picture, you can match a shirt with a Mysteries, She Wrote shawl , and I think the tops, such as Sunday Market No. 14, go well together.

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