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For those who are sensitive to the cold - A warm shawl knitted with Flutter

January 20, 2023

寒がりなあなたへ - Flutterで編む暖かいショール

Hello, this is Tokuko. Winter temperatures are continuing, but how is everyone staying warm?
I bought an electric assist bicycle for my birthday and a coat with an open collar, so I urgently need to knit a warm shawl. It's really cold, every day!

Actually, at the end of the year, I borrowed a shawl that uses the same type of yarn as Flutter knitted by Ms. Meri, and I was surprised at how warm it was! I also tried to knit a shawl using Flutter and looked up various Ravelry.

First, here is the shawl I borrowed from Meri.

The Doodler by Stephen West

Shawl also featured in Westknits Bestknits Number 1 . The pink part in the picture is knitted with Flutter. It's just that warm. Surprise.

Next here.

Melted Mirage by Stephen West

It seems that Flutter is used for CC, and MC uses two strands of Lace and Fingering. If you have a lot of leftover fingering yarn, you can throw in a variety of colors. The last tassel is a must for me.

Finally the pattern I'm knitting right now!

Meandering Shawl by Stephen West

Knitted with DC (dark color) for Fingering and LC (light color) for Flutter. It's easier to knit that way.
Flutter uses hand dyeing (Mulled Wine is sold out, sorry!), and my partner's yarn is a random combination of Fingering and Sport on hand. It might be interesting to change the color for each section. I'm thinking of doing that too.
I'm thinking about adding a tassel to the hem if I have extra threads.

Well, which shawl did you like? All I can say is that if you buy Flutter, you can knit a light and warm shawl with the leftover yarn you have! about it.
I'll do my best to knit it so that I can wrap it around the beginning of February.


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