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Epistemology DARUMA Collection 2020 Sample Charity Sale Information

December 15, 2022

Epistemology DARUMA Collection 2020 サンプル チャリティセールのご案内

The book "Epistemology DARUMA Collection 2020" released from amirisu two years ago. All sold out thanks to you. Thank you very much for your request.

Books have taken off, but we only have knit samples. It's so beautiful that it's a waste to keep it in storage. As much as we really want. I'm sure there are customers who would like it.

So, we decided to sell knit samples of "Epistemology DARUMA Collection 2020". It's a charity sale. At amirisu, we donate at the end of every year, but this year, we will donate the full amount of sales from this sale to Ashinaga.

"Epistemology DARUMA Collection 2020" is a collection of knit patterns knitted using yarn from the long-established handicraft manufacturer DARUMA. Amirisu's sample knitters carefully knit high-quality threads that everyone knows, so it's a wonderful finish. Also, one of the design concepts is "a design that can be enjoyed for a long time without going out of style", so I think it's a work that you can enjoy for a long time.

"Epistemology DARUMA Collection 2020" sample charity sale

  • Sales start: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) 18:00-
  • Please see the product page for how to order and precautions.
  • It is now displayed as Sold Out, but once it goes on sale, you will be able to purchase it from the product page.

If you had a design you liked but gave up because you didn't have time to knit, or if you would like to experience other knitters' works, or if you agree with the purpose of this charity sale, please purchase it. I'm happy.

I sincerely hope that someone's happy feelings will lead to someone else's happy feelings.
Please join us if you don't mind. Thank you very much.

amirisu team♡

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