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Introducing Elmer Pants!

May 11, 2022


The Elmer Pants are the first item I would recommend to sewing beginners.
"Easier than you think!"
I wanted you to think so, so I made the pants very simple.

Last year I wore straight pants, so I decided to make the pants wider this year.
And of course the waist is rubber! It's wide, so it's a casual style, but if you make it with a soft material, it will give you a luxurious feeling and it will be perfect for a resort. Hem length is just as you want! That's what makes me happy.

By eliminating the side pockets and creating a design with no seams on the sides, the number of parts and the amount of sewing has been reduced.

However, according to the designer, the simpler the pattern, the more difficult it is to make.
If there are many parts, it is possible to change the silhouette and add details, and if there are tucks and darts, you can create a design that fits your body better.
But only two parts make up the shape of the Elmer pants!
Under such restrictions, we designed a silhouette that looks beautiful on anyone.

It is also recommended to choose one size larger, tighten the elastic waistband, and wear it so that it gathers around your waist. The area around the buttocks is fluffy and cute.

Well, here's an introduction to the size.

First, three people tried on the smallest size 6 (cloth used is DARUMA FABRIC Paper : Tokiwa).

From the left, Tokuko = 155cm, Hiromi = 159cm, Mari = 166cm

All three of us can wear them without any problem, but when Mari wears them, they look more like straight pants than wide pants.

The waist is elastic, so you don't have to worry too much about it. The hem can be adjusted to your liking, so I think you should mainly look at the width and the feeling of room around the waist.

This is size 8 (cloth used is DARUMA FABRIC Soil : Oudo).

It's just the perfect size for Hiromi.



Finally, size 10 (usingAtelier Brunette Gabardine : Night).

It was too big for Tokuko and Hiromi, so it was only worn by Mari.

Seen from the side, it is quite wide. This sample is made of a tight twill weave fabric like denim, so it doesn't feel solid.

Please see the product page for detailed sizes and measurements.

Click here for a short movie of how the Elmer Pants are made.
Somehow, I would be happy if you could understand the flow. Sounds easy, right? ?

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