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what are you knitting now? 〜Classical Aran sweater knitted with DARUMA FALKLAND WOOL〜

February 19, 2022

今何編んでる?〜DARUMA FALKLAND WOOLで編むクラシカルアランセーター〜

amirisu handles a lot of writing patterns by overseas designers, and most of the patterns introduced in this corner are those patterns.
But of course, I also knit from Japanese knitting books!

So, this time it's a classical aran sweater from Mariko Mikuni's "Fuyu no Hi no Knitting" (Bunka Publishing Bureau). Knitted by Mr. Kanemitsu, a Kyoto store staff.

Kanemitsu who likes white anyway. I like it so much that when I use masking tape to seal the white bags that put the products in the shop, I choose white tape again.

I like it, and it suits me very well.

She wanted to knit a white Aran sweater, so she searched for a design in her favorite book, Mr. Mikuni. The design with a neck was a must because I am sensitive to the cold.

I used DARUMA's Falkland Wool .
The person in charge of DARUMA insisted, "This price is amazing for this quality," and it seems that he wanted to knit for a long time. As they insisted, it was a little more elastic, it didn't irritate, and it was very pleasant to knit. Come to think of it, Ms. Meri also said she liked this Falkland Wool.

The large rhombus pattern on the front has a nice impact. And if you look closely, you can see the cable pattern on the hem and sleeve ribs, which is a cute point. Knitting is so much fun!

However, it is difficult to remember because there are so many different patterns. It's hard to get used to the left and right pattern knitting. However, it seems that Falkland Wool was saved because it was easy to solve.

No particular improvement!
I may have knitted the bodice twice more than I changed. .
What I want to tell you is that it's really warm!

The above was from Mr. Kanemitsu.


Thread used: DARUMA Falkland Wool

Color: No. 1

Needle used: Either as specified or reduced by No. 1

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