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We all knitted Corrie Worsted! 〜Tokyo Store Edition〜

December 08, 2022

みんなでCorrie Worstedを編みました!〜東京店編〜

Thank you very much to everyone who came to the La Bien Aimée event in mid-November and to those who participated in the videocast and YouTube distribution. We were able to spend two dream-like days welcoming Aimée, who shined brightly, and touched the colorful yarns she created .

At the Tokyo store, many of the staff were knitting sweaters and cardigans from Worsted 's books for this event. .

Here are two people wearing Andrea by Andrea Mowry. It's fun to knit, and the finished product is very light, warm, and easy to wear. It goes well with pants and dresses!

Tokuko is wearing a Stratified by Tif Neilan sample made with amirisu, and the color combination is also nice. Corrire Worsted is colored on a slightly brownish base, so it gives a sense of unity no matter which color you match, and I think it's easy to try colors that you don't usually use. It is also recommended to knit this sweater by adding some colors to the remaining threads of other works.

Here are the two who knit Azucena Cardigan and Azucena Sweater by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne. Since it is a thick thread, the color work will be completed quickly while you enjoy knitting, and all you have to do is continue knitting while feeling the comfort of the thread. It's interesting that even with the same pattern, just changing the color arrangement gives a completely different impression! I also want to knit another one in a different color.

At this event, I wore the Worsted sample that Aimée brought and saw what everyone was wearing, and found many things I still want to knit. I'm having fun daydreaming about what color I should use next. Everyone, please knit one of your favorites with Corrie Worsted .

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