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Brooklyn Tweed Lace KAL - Plans: Get to Know the Patterns

July 15, 2017

Have you picked a pattern, or are you struggling with a few finalists? I will introduce some recommendations in this article, so if you haven't decided yet, please refer to it.

Understanding the pattern is the first step to a successful lace knitting project. Carefully read the knitting instructions to the end and mark any areas that seem confusing or complicated. Once you know the basics, such as the amount of thread you need and the size of the needle, it is a good idea to check the following points before you start knitting.

Lace shawls are flat knitted fabrics that are often simple geometric shapes, but there are a surprising variety of ways to create triangles, squares and circles. Do you make the stitches from the center and spread the stitches while knitting in a circle? Do you knit from one side to another? Knit from both sides and stitch in the middle? Do you start with a few stitches and widen them, or do you start from one side and either widen or thin them to shape the shawl? Do you pick up the eye and change direction? If there is, take a good look at the schematic diagram to see how it will be woven. The BT pattern has arrows pointing in the direction of weaving. In addition, the order of knitting is explained in the explanation about the structure.

When knitting a garment, it is also necessary to understand the structure. If there is an increase or decrease in the lace part, check if there are any instructions from the designer about how to incorporate the increased stitches into the pattern, or what to do when the stitches are reduced and the entire pattern cannot be knitted.

From left: Shale Baby Blanket , Tetrapods , Lunette

Even in the race, the difficulty level varies depending on the pattern. If you are a beginner, choose a pattern that has a regular repetition of small patterns and knits the lace only on the front side.

Pi shawl (circular shawl) is a pattern that can be recommended for those who are not confident. Continue knitting in a circle, always looking only at the front side while knitting. It's easy to check the stitches, and you'll know right away if you make a mistake. Wear that combines lace patterns and increasing/decreasing stitches requires the ability to follow and check the pattern, and the pattern must be knitted so that it continues beautifully even if the number of stitches changes.

Is the race pattern descriptive or chart? Learn to read charts. If you are knitting double-knit, the chart reads right to left on the front side and left to right on the back side. For patterns based on knitting, you may also notice that different symbols are used on the front and back sides. Make sure you understand the chart when doing anything other than purl knitting on the back. The handle on the back side is different from the front side. The reduction on the back side must be aligned with the front side. There is also a knitting method such as p2tog tbl (from the back loop to the back upper left 2 stitches). When knitting in a circle, the chart is always read from right to left.

From left: Carpino , Stonecrop , Terra

If you're knitting several charts at the same time, copy and cut chart pages so that you'll need to turn the page multiple times while knitting one row. Chart legends are often on a separate page for layout reasons, but I often see Nitter cut them out and tape them to the side of the chart. Some people make enlarged copies of charts. Others, such as color-coding symbols with markers, etc., or displaying next to the chart what you have to do in that row (if you're knitting a sweater and you're knitting a sweater and it's decreasing every 8 rows, you'll see next to rows 8, 16, 24, etc.) write it in the margin, etc.). I tend to get so caught up in the race that I forget other instructions. But undoing the laces and starting over is quite a hassle.

I hope this covers all the points you need to think about in a pattern before you start knitting, but if you have any questions please leave them in the comments (on BT's blog below) or in the Brooklyn Tweed Ravelry group. Please message me.

Reprinted from June 30th blog (with permission)

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