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what are you knitting now? ~The Simple Knit Hood knitted with Blue Sky Fibers Baby Alpaca Sport~

April 02, 2022

今何編んでる?〜Blue Sky Fibers Baby Alpaca Sportで編むThe Simple Knit Hood〜

Hello everyone.

It's getting warmer and colder, and it's kind of unreadable days.
It was cold in Kyoto yesterday, so the amirisu staff were excited, saying, "It's your last chance to wear a sweater!" I feel a little sad that winter is leaving.

Well, today I would like to introduce you to a hood knitted by Kyoto staff!

The pattern is The Simple Knit Hood here. A hood alone may not be a very familiar item, but it can be worn over a sweater like a hoodie, or it can be worn with a coat without a hood.

All the staff are looking forward to seeing the posts of customers who tag #amirisu on Instagram, but they are often influenced by everyone's knitting...
This time as well, it seems that he decided to knit this hood because it was very nice to knit this hood in the fluorescent color of Purl Soho Line Weight.

The vivid pink color is Blue Sky Fibers Baby Alpaca Sport . (Sorry, currently amirisu does not handle it)
It's a very pretty color, but is it too dark to wear? So I decided to use it for small items.
On top of that, purple and blue mohair are arranged and knitted with a total of 3 strands of DK + lace + lace. It's okay if you put them all together and the thickness is Bulky, so try aligning them with your favorite combination.

Start from the top of the head and knit while turning back. It's a top-down design, so it's good that you can easily customize the size according to the size of your head. The staff seems to have woven the hole part of the hood about 2 cm larger.

Finally, pick up the edge and turn off the i-cord bind. It wasn't particularly difficult, but the hood didn't fit properly because the bind-off was loose. I'll be knitting it tighter by next winter!

And I wrote "small items" earlier, but don't underestimate the hood!
It seems that the area to be knitted is unexpectedly large, and the staff was knitting while saying, "It won't be finished soon...".

The head is well covered and warm when you put it on. Soft to the touch, you won't want to take it off.
Hoodies are also popular these days, and hoodies are hot! It seems to be popular in Northern Europe as well.
It might be cute to change the color of only the I-cord part. I can't stop delusions!


Threads used: Blue Sky Fibers Baby Alpaca Sport, Isager Silk Mohair , Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair

Colors: 538, 12 and Dove blue respectively

Needle: US8 (5mm)

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