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Bisou by Paula Pereira

June 02, 2020

Bisou by Paula Pereira

The Japanese version of amirisu No. 20 has been released!

Unfortunately, I can't hold an exhibition at the store this time, so I would like to introduce each work and its designer on the blog.

Day 1 is Bisou designed by Paula Pereira . Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Paula studied architecture and has presented many designs with interesting structures and distinctive color work. It is easy to incorporate into my daily wardrobe, such as amirisu No. 18 Mio and Parade knitting Kanako, but I am always attracted to designs with some uniqueness.

Well then, I asked Paula a question in an interview format, so please enjoy it.

amirisu: Where did you get the inspiration for this design?

Paula: Looking at amirisu's mood board, a collarless Henley-style pullover came to mind. It's fun to knit, but you can wear it for many years, but it's delicate, modern, and feminine. What I like most about this design is the fine pleats at the neck and the overall shape, especially the shape of the sleeves!

amirisu: If you were to knit another one, what color would it be?

Paula: Well, I think the possibilities are endless! I love neutral colors, but I also want to wear bright colored Bisou! Of course it's good to wear it in the warm season, but I think it's also good to use it as a layer when it's cold. Also, it would be nice to knit with multi-colored threads.

amirisu: I dream of the day when I can travel freely, so please let me know if you have any recommended shops or places in the town where you live.

Paula: I'm from Rio de Janeiro, but I've been living in São Paulo since 2014 and I really love "Sampa" (São Paulo's nickname!). Although it is a large city of about 12,200,000 people, it is a wonderful multicultural and multiracial place. There are also wonderful yarn shops like these!

Novelaria Knit Cafe

Emporio das Lãs

e Pintar e Bordar lojavirtual/

Each shop has a different style, but they all welcome knitters and craft lovers.

Also, although not in São Paulo, there are two companies in Brazil that I would like to brag about.

One is Da Fazenda Yarns! This company dyes very fine merino with a wide variety of natural dyes. Her latest collection dyed with "Pau Brazil" is absolutely beautiful!

Another is a cute shop called Casa da Vivi in ​​the capital, Brasilia ! Viviane, the owner and a friend of mine, dreamed of opening a carefully selected knitting, sewing, and handicraft shop, but he has several stores in the United States. After living there for a year, I finally made up my mind when I came back to Brazil. It's been almost a year since the store opened!

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